Hello friends and clients

As we can now feel here in Perth, Summer is near. The weather has started to creep into warmth and that makes me start sweating! Only because I know that it's when the warmer weather gathers that people everywhere start thinking about how to cool off over our very hot Christmas and holiday months, and I want to have some time left in the busy season to assist you. I'm always happy to discuss how we might help you in the search to keep cool in your own designed pool. However, we offer so much more than that. I've just recently completed my own experimental vertical garden or grow wall. What do you think? It was a fun but quite exacting and detailed project. I'd like to hear if you have any interest in one of these for your home.

It's a busy time in the lead up to Christmas so do keep in mind that projects take a good couple of months to leave enough time for you to have a fabulous outdoor area in time for Christmas.

Happy outdoor living.


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