swimming pool Landscaping

Swimming pool landscaping is an integral part of the total concept. We include the following features when we plan the landscaping of a swimming pool project.


We like to use Eastern and Western construction elements with a combination of timber and natural stone. We use mostly batu timber from Indonesia, stone products from Asia or wholly manufactured products from Western Australia for our swimming pool landscaping.


We advise clients on poolside plants and landscaping, and can even accompany clients to the nursery to make their choices if they wish. We like to use golden cane, kentia palms, xanadu and agapanthus to soften the edges and to avoid future problems in the swimming pool with falling leaves and expanding root systems.


The swimming pool fencing becomes part of the design concept so that it blends in and works with the look of the swimming pool and water feature. Tubular steel, aluminium, wrought iron, timber and brushwood are fencing elements that can be used. Timber and brushwood are often effective as a visual screen along an unsightly fibreboard boundary fence, and they also work well to dampen the noise from happy kids playing in the water. 

If you have the budget, frameless glass is a see-through option which is a very attractive addition to your swimming pool landscaping. It is also very safe as it uses 12 mm toughened glass.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you create ideal landscaping around your swimming pool.

We originally saw the website and loved the designs of unique backyards. We are thoroughly satisfied with our uniquely designed backyard and pool renovation and would say to anyone hesitating because of budget constrictions - don't hesitate! If you don't have the budget, save up; it's so worth it.
Anthony & Colleen, Duncraig