Alfresco is an Italian word meaning ‘in the cool air’. It refers to the practice in warmer climates of eating outside the house in a grassed area or under a purpose-built structure to protect from rain and sun. Alfrescos form a large part of the total concept design in an outdoor living space

Alfresco areas provide the ability to live both inside and outside at the same time by having doors that open onto the outdoor area. Having an outdoor seating area will add useability to the pool area. Think about how you want to use this area and how many people you may need to accommodate for seating or other activities. The pool designer will see that it merges seamlessly with the design and construction of the pool and your home.

I originally looked on the company’s website and liked the designs. The construction process was 10 out of 10 and I am very satisfied with our final product. I love the way that the company cares about their work and their customers. They are always good and friendly to deal with. I thoroughly recommend The Water’s Edge for the high-quality workmanship and finish. I really love the whole focus of our new living space. I spend most of my time at home in our outdoor area. The pool is excellent, and the outdoor space adds a new dimension to life at home.

Shane, Mt Lawley