Tropical plunge pool, woodvale

This suburban plunge pool creates an outstanding outdoor ambience. The pool is 6 x 4 metres; it is 2.1 metres deep with layered steps covered in blue glass mosaics. The plastering is finished in Comet, supplied by Rainbow Quartz, which gives the pool extra colour enhancement at night as any lights reflect off its surface.


Nestling at the side of the pool is a Bali-style gazebo with thatched roof. One of its columns sits in the pool merging water and wood. A raised deck provides a sheltered seating area at the edge of the pool under the gazebo creating a sanctuary next to the pool, and two raised planter boxes add a height dimension. Turkish travertine bullnosing and paving surround the pool contrasting its blue against the translucent white of the stone. The selective lighting highlights the different features and a rectangular koi pond at the other end of the pool completes the exotic landscape. The curved lava stone water feature at the far end provides an exquisite backdrop while also showcasing the sound of cascading water.


Local varieties of fern, stag horn and boundary plants enhance the feeling of a tropical environment. Solar heating was installed keeping the pool at a constant 30 degrees or any desired temperature. Brushwood fencing was installed on the neighbour’s side, while wrought iron fencing completes the security requirements above the koi pond, still delivering the sophistication of a tropical resort area. A recycled wrought iron carved gate elegantly fills the space between two stone walls, enabling a view across a rebuilt sun deck on the other side of the wall. Through the wrought iron security fence emerge the lights above an outside bar that complements the whole area, to complete the resort scene.

The company is very professional with high-quality products. They understood our needs very well and have given our pool a good overall look. I would definitely recommend the company.

Diana and Martin, Bullcreek