concrete Lap pool, mt lawley

This family wanted to live in their alfresco outside the main house. They have ended up with a living area for TV, lounge and kitchen, almost a small house of its own right next to the concrete pool  where they cook, eat and entertain. They wanted a pool for exercise so a lap pool was built and part of the pool is enclosed under the alfresco.

I originally looked on the company’s website and liked the designs. The construction process was 10 out of 10 and I am very satisfied with our final product. I love the way that the company cares about their work and their customers. They are always good and friendly to deal with. I thoroughly recommend The Water’s Edge for the high-quality workmanship and finish. I really love the whole focus of our new living space. I spend most of my time at home in our outdoor area. The pool is excellent, and the outdoor space adds a new dimension to life at home.

Shane, Mt Lawley