Vinyl pools

Vinyl pools are constructed of concrete but have a thick vinyl liner placed on the inside of the pool. These are a good alternative to concrete pools as they can be custom built to suit a backyard but are generally less expensive than concrete pools.

The Aqualux vinyl pool is not restricted by design and has the freedom to work with any plan. All the products used on a vinyl pool are equal in quality to those used on a concrete pool.

A vinyl pool won’t chip, crack or flake and is the toughest flexible swimming pool surface finish available. Its unique multi-layer construction protects against harmful chemicals and UV rays, and resists algae and fungal growth. Aqualux comes in a choice of designer patterns and colours that create a stunning visual presence and delivers the ultimate vinyl pool interior with a silky smooth finish.

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We originally saw the website and loved the designs of unique backyards. We are thoroughly satisfied with our uniquely designed backyard and pool renovation and would say to anyone hesitating because of budget constrictions - don't hesitate! If you don't have the budget, save up; it's so worth it.

Anthony and Colleen, Duncraig