natural lap pool, baldivis 

This is a stunning lap pool and cascading water feature paired with a featured alfresco area in semi-rural Perth. This property incorporates plenty of pasture for horses, and a backdrop of bush against an azure sky. The area can get very hot in the summer so the design maximises the shade available in the outdoor living area and by the pool. Because it is a large two-acre property, the pool needed to look even larger. To create this expansive look, an infinity edge was an ideal finish to the pool having the effect of water flowing endlessly into a catchment area. The safety fencing enhances the magic of the highlights and diversity of colours. 

We originally saw the website and loved the designs of unique backyards. We are thoroughly satisfied with our uniquely designed backyard and pool renovation and would say to anyone hesitating because of budget constrictions - don't hesitate! If you don't have the budget, save up; it's so worth it.

Anthony and Colleen, Duncraig