Concrete pool design

Reinforced concrete pools can be created to form any individual shape that suits your needs and your site. The Water’s Edge Pool Design and Landscaping works on all sites from clifftops hanging over the river to suburban backyards, from large sites to very small and difficult-to-access areas.

We have a choice of finishes for concrete pool designs including standard plaster, or a fantastic colour finish using a product called Colorquartz. When your swimming pool is finished with Colorquartz, you achieve a rich and beautiful colour, increased durability, and long-lasting enjoyment for your concrete swimming pool. The product is made of tough, ceramic-coated quartz granules mixed with conventional pool plaster that gives a brilliant coating to the pool. We can even add colourful and interesting mosaics in any design.

We use OneSteel PoolSteel so you can be sure you are receiving top-quality, Australian-made steel to keep your concrete swimming pool in top condition throughout its life.

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The Water's Edge originally did our landscaping on our new house 9 years ago, we were really impressed, Steve did a fantastic job with our paving and garden beds. If something didn’t look right he would fix it or suggest something else. In regard to our pool addition, The Water's Edge offered the complete package from shire approval to landscaping whereas other pool companies could not. We absolutely love sitting in our new Bali hut in summer, entertaining guests and overlooking kids having a great time splashing in the pool. Our new pool and landscaping means we relax the moment we step outside. The finished product is of a high standard.

Lisa and Chris, Gwelup