frequently asked questions

The following provides answers to some questions we are often asked. If you have a question that is not covered here, please email us.

What kinds of pools do you build?

We design and build concrete and vinyl pools. Vinyl pools are constructed of brick and have a thick vinyl liner placed on the inside of the pool. Concrete pools are adaptable to any unique shape to suit your unique area.

Do you install above-ground or fibreglass pools?

The main choice a buyer must make is what type of pool to buy. We do not install or construct above-ground or fibreglass pools. Fibreglass pools are manufactured in pre-made shapes so if you have a large area, want a regular shape, and want to keep the costs low, some would choose a fibreglass pool. However, we find that they are inflexible, and do not suit small or awkwardly shaped areas.

How much will a pool cost?

The pool construction business is so individual that it is impossible to give clients an idea of cost without actually coming to their home to see the site. Once the designer can actually see the space and size, and any potential challenges in the site, he can start to think about a plan that will allow all the customer requirements. The cost will depend on the size and accessibility of your site, the materials used, the intricacy of the work, and any other landscaping or structures required. We do stress that the budget for building a pool can be suited to your requirements with negotiation. As a ball-park figure, costs start at $35,000. For more information, see this.

How long will it take to build a pool?

The length of time it takes from start to finish depends on a number of factors. These include the time taken at council submission stage, agreement on the design, any changes to the design, weather, amount of detail required in the design, size of the area and pool, if it's a renovation or a new project, and any other features that you have decided to include. For a new project, it generally takes between two and six months, depending on the these factors.

I have a very unusual area but I still want a pool. Can you help?

We can visit your site and identify any idiosyncracies about the site. We are qualified to build swimming pools for all shapes and sizes of areas.

Can I design my own pool?

The designer will visit your site and give you some suggestions. You are welcome to provide your suggestions and anything you want, bearing in mind that extra features add to the cost of the project.

Can you come to my home and give a quote for a pool?

Yes we do site visits and provide free quotes.

Will you advise on pool landscaping and plants?

It is part of our overall service to advise you on the landscaping and plants that you need for your pool. We know which plants are suitable for which environments, which ones drop leaves, and which ones have problematic root systems that are not good for pool areas. We can even visit the garden centre with you to choose your plants.

Can you build an outdoor kitchen?

We have built some amazing outdoor kitchens and are qualified to do so.

Can you build an alfresco area?

Alfresco areas are one of our specialties. We have built large and small alfresco areas, with a theme and they always merge seamlessly with the design and construction of the pool.

Do you have any other information I can access to give me more information?

Yes. We have a publication called Concrete Pool Buyers' Guide which you can get FREE if you sign up or you can buy it on Amazon.

Do you have other publications?

Yes. We have a fun adult colouring book for people who love pools! You can buy a hard copy here.

The Water's Edge originally did our landscaping on our new house 9 years ago, we were really impressed, Steve did a fantastic job with our paving and garden beds. If something didn’t look right he would fix it or suggest something else. In regard to our pool addition, The Water's Edge offered the complete package from shire approval to landscaping whereas other pool companies could not. We absolutely love sitting in our new Bali hut in summer, entertaining guests and overlooking kids having a great time splashing in the pool. Our new pool and landscaping means we relax the moment we step outside. The finished product is of a high standard.

Lisa and Chris, Gwelup